Kid 1-Salli

Kid 2-Ivy

Kid 3-Emma

Kid 4-Shy Girl



Derek's Dad-Alan

Derek's Mom-Catherine


Derek gets in trouble for killing Barney because it's his sister Kumi's favorite show.


Derek: Let's see what's on TV today.

Barney: I love you. You love me. We're a happy family.

Derek: Not that show again! I was expecting Dragon Tales but this had to appear!

(on the Barney set)

Barney: I love you. You love me. We're a happy family.

Derek: It should go like this. I hate you. You hate me. Let's get together and kill Barney.


Derek: Yes! I killed Barney!

Kid 1: Oh no! He killed Barney.

Kid 2: Oh Derek, you're in so much trouble!

Kid 3: That is so mean!

Kid 4: I am calling your parents right now!

(at Kumi's room)

Kumi: I wonder if Barney is on TV.

Announcer: We interrupt your program that Barney has been killed so Barney isn't coming up on PBS. Let's skip to Teletubbies.

Kumi: (Custard's sound effect) Noooooooooooooooooooo! (normal voice) Barney, Barney!

Derek's dad: What's wrong Kumi? Why are you crying?

Kumi: Barney is dead.

Derek's mom: What?

Kumi: Did you kill Barney?

Derek: I did.

Kumi: No no no no! How could you?!

Derek's dad: Derek, how dare you kill Barney! That was your sister's favorite TV show!

Derek's mom: That's it! You are grounded for 12 weeks! I normally tell you to go up to your room but instead, start watching reruns of Barney!