Derek-Brian, Simon

Derek's dad-Alan

Kumi (mentioned)

Venus Flytrap-Scary Voice

Venus Flytrap's dad-Diesel

Kimi (mentioned)



Because Derek put his sister Kumi in her bikini, he is forced to get his voice changed. The Venus Flytrap is from the PC game All Growed Up. 


Derek's dad: Derek, how dare you put your sister Kumi in her bikini and get grounded until Halloween 2015? That's it! You are grounded until Thanksgiving 2015! As for your punishment, you are getting your voice changed!

Derek: No Dad. I'm sorry.

(in hospital)

Venus Flytrap: No Dad! I don't want my voice changed! Please let me stay in the greenhouse and eat some Rugrats!

Venus Flytrap's dad: Too bad Venus Flytrap! If you hadn't stopped eating Kimi Finster when she came near you, we wouldn't have been in this situation!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Derek's dad: Change my son's voice because he put his sister Kumi in her bikini!

Doctor: Okay.


Derek (speaking in Simon's voice): Oh my god! My voice is Simon!

Doctor: How's this?

Derek's dad: It's fine! Let's go home now!

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