Marv-Dallas, Wiseguy

Harry-French Fry, Scary Voice

Old Man Marley-Lawrence

Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom-Catherine


Derek gets the vanilla shake instead of the chocolate shake.


Derek: Kumi, why are you here?

Kumi: Your parents are at work so that's why I'm here.

Derek: Can I go to Sonic?

Kumi: Yes you can but you have to go by yourself.

(at Sonic)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Derek: I'll have 20 tater tots, fries, a blue coconut slush and a chocolate milkshake.

Clerk: Sorry but the chocolate milkshakes are sold out.

Derek: Really? Come on!

Clerk: Don't worry. The vanilla milkshakes are still available.

Derek: No. I don't mean that.

Clerk: What is it?

Derek: Look at the two Home Alone characters. I think they're starting to get out of control.

Marv: Marley, we are not eating this! We want McDonald's!

Harry: Yes, we want McDonald's!

Old Man Marley: Marv and Harry, we are not having McDonald's! We are having Sonic so you both eat it!

Marv (Wise Guy's voice): NO WAY! WE WANT MCDONALD'S!

Old Man Marley: Marv and Harry, I told the both of you, we are not having McDonald's! If you two ask me again, you will both be grounded!


Old Man Marley: Marv and Harry, how dare you throw the food in the garbage! That's it! You two are grounded for life and I will hit you two with a shovel as your punishment!

Harry (Home Alone sound clip): I'm gonna kill that kid!

Derek: Mom and Dad, why are you here?

Derek's dad: Since our work shift was over, we thought of stopping here for lunch.

Derek's mom: I also heard that Marv and Harry hated Sonic. I'm sure they'll be grounded for life.

Derek: I'll have what I said before but I'll get the vanilla milkshake.

Derek's dad: That's a smart decision. 

Derek's mom: You are now ungrounded.

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