Derek's mom-Catherine

Derek's dad-Alan, Dallas

Derek-Brian, Simon


Lumpkin-Young Guy

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa)-Dallas

Coulden Petit-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Good Gage-Kimberly


Shawn Brunner-Steven

Steve Burns-Paul

Leopold Slikk (AGK)- Stephan (German voice)

Phil DeVille-Diesel


This is my third Warren-Style punishment video. Anyway, after Derek's mom was sent to jail, she escaped. However, her husband, Alan caught her and she had to face some Warren-Style punishments.


Derek's mom: I can't believe I got arrested for ditching my daughter's birthday! I got it! I will escape jail!

(outside jail)

Derek's mom: Freedom!

(at home)

Derek: Hey, look, Dad. My mom's home.

Derek's dad: Denise, what did you do this time? I hope it's not trouble!

Derek's mom: Well, I escaped jail.

Derek: (Simon's voice) What? Oh... my... god! How could you?

Derek's mom: Well, I don't think it's trouble, because they didn't let me go early.

Derek: (Simon's voice) Oh my god! How dare you!

Derek's dad: (Dallas) How dare you escape jail! That's it! You will get Warren-Style punishments! I'm calling some visitors right now!

(15 minutes later)

Derek's dad: Denise, you have visitors!

Nathandesignerboy7: I'm Nathandesignerboy7 and I can't believe you escaped jail!

Lumpkin: I'm Lumpkin and you are the worst mother of Derek and Kumi!

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa): I'm Charles Green known as the Angry Grandpa and I'm so damn angry at you for ditching your daughter's birthday and escaping jail!

Coulden Petit: I'm Coulden Petit and you always write bad comments!

Good Gage: I'm the good Gage and I hope you go back to jail again!

DeLorean: I'm DeLorean and I heard that you got arrested for ditching your daughter's/my girlfriend's birthday!

Shawn Brunner: Shawn Brunner here and I hope you learned your lesson!

Steve Burns: I'm Steve Burns, the host of Blue's Clues! Watch my shows from now on!

Leopold Slikk (AGK): I'm Leopold Slikk known as the Angry German Kid! I will beat you up with my keyboard!

Phil DeVille: I'm Phil DeVille from Rugrats! You will be forced to watch my shows! If you're wondering where my girlfriend Kimi Watanabe-Finster is, she is working at Java Lava!

Derek's mom: F*** you all! 

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa): Watch your mouth, Denise Crystal! If you say one more nasty thing like that, I will beat you up!

Nathandesignerboy7: This will teach you a strong, strict lesson! You will wear diapers!

Lumpkin: You will watch baby shows for toddlers!

Coulden Petit: You will play educational games!

Good Gage: You will listen to m1usic you hate such as Justin Bieber, Trololo and others as well!

DeLorean: I will donate the things you like to charity!

Shawn Brunner: We will close your account!

Steve Burns: You will be forced to watch all the episodes of my show!

Derek's mom: How many episodes do you have?

Steve Burns: I have 142 episodes! Watch them all or you will get in bigger trouble!

Leopold Slikk (AGK): I agree with Steve Burns!

Phil DeVille: After you watch all episodes of Blue's Clues! You have to watch all 227 episodes of my show! This means all 172 episodes of Rugrats and all 55 episodes of All Grown Up!

Derek: (Simon's voice) I agree with them all.

Derek's dad: And so do I. And you heard them! Watch all 142 episodes of Blue's Clues and 227 episodes of Rugrats/All Grown Up! This means you have to watch 369 episodes!

Derek's mom: Shut up, Alan! I wish you were all dead!

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa): Denise, how dare you wish us dead! That's it! I will beat you up!

(BSOD for protection)

Derek's mom: Oh no! Looks like I'm getting beaten up forever and I have to obey everyone's commands like I'm forced to do so.


This is the sequel to Derek's mom ditches Kumi's birthday and gets grounded.

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