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Dad wants to go to McDonald's but his mom tells him no. After numerous demands, his mom gets so angry and accidentally knocks down Luke. Dad gets furious and grounds his mom.

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Dad: Mom, can we go to McDonald's?

Mom: No we can't.

Dad: But why?

Mom: You misbehaved there.

Dad: I want McDonalds! I want McDonald's! I want McDonald's!

Mom: Fine! (pushes Luke down) Have it your way!

Dad: Oh (20X)! How dare you knock down Luke! That's it! You are grounded for twelve weeks! Go to your room now!

Mom (running upstairs): (Ka-Chung no soundclip)

Dad: Luke, are you all right?

Luke: Yes I am. Your mom pushed me down so your choice of grounding her was the best one so you are not grounded.