Courtney's dad-Diesel

Security Guard-Steven


Ivy's dad-Diesel

Ivy's mom-Kate


Courtney does a good job and she gets ungrounded.


Courtney: Hey Dad?

Courtney's dad: What is it Courtney?

Courtney: Can I go to Six Flags?

Courtney's dad: Yes but you have to go by yourself. I will check on you later.

(at Six Flags)

Security Guard: Hi, I'm Steven Cage. Anyways, you must be Courtney from Total Drama Island. 

Courtney: I am. Is there a wave pool here?

Security Guard: Yes there is. There's a changing room on the right.

Courtney: Thank you. But what about that three year old girl on the left?

Security Guard: What do you mean?

Courtney: She's trying to attack her parents.

Security Guard: On the case.

(cuts to family)

Ivy: I said I want to ride the Green Lantern Ride this instant!

Ivy's dad: Ivy Smith, we told you you're not tall enough to go on that ride! You can either go on the Toontown Ride or we can go straight home!

Ivy's mom: I agree with your father!

Ivy: I want to go on that ride!

Security Guard: Ivy Smith, your parents told you you're not tall enough to ride! That's it! I'm escorting you out of the park!

(Courtney exits the changing room in her bikini as her father arrives)

Courtney: Dad, why are you here?

Courtney's dad: I came here to check on you and I see you're in your swimsuit.

Courtney: That's because I'm going to the wave pool.

Courtney's dad: I also heard from a security guard that Ivy Smith was throwing a big fit over not going on the Green Lantern Ride. He escorted Ivy and her parents out of the park and I'm sure Ivy will be grounded for life. As for you, you are ungrounded. You can go swimming any time you want.

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