Characters Edit

Charlie - David/Zack/Evil Genius

Lola - Emma

Jack Bowser - Eric

Plot Edit

Inspired by Courtiy Family on Supernanny Fanon

Transcript Edit

[Charlie and Lola run outside to play catch in a thunderstorm]

Jack Bowser: "Charlie and Lola, what are you guys doing?"

[Thunder rumbles]

Charlie and Lola: "Jack Bowser, we're playing outside!"

Jack Bowser: "Charlie and Lola, check the sky right now."

[The two children look up at the sky to see the bottom of a thunderstorm cloud while lightning flashes]

Jack Bowser: "What do you see or hear?"

Charlie: "Lightning!"

Lola: "Thunder!"

Jack Bowser: "Come inside."

Charlie and Lola: "No!"

Jack Bowser: "I will not tell you again if you come inside. Come inside now!"

Charlie and Lola: "We want to play here!"

Jack Bowser: "Right! I am placing you in your Naughty Pillows!"

[Jack Bowser returns the kids two their house and deposits them into their paritcular Naughty Pillow, then confiscates their Elmo's World DVDs by depositing them into the "Toy jail for Charlie and Lola" box]

Jack Bowser: "Your DVD's are in toy jail and you're grounded for life."

Charlie and Lola: Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

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