Chantel DuBois-Kimberly

Ben Bowen-Joey, Catherine



Ben Bowen's dad-Lawrence

Toontown Cop-Simon


It's payback time for Ben Bowen because Chantel DuBois changes his voice back.


Chantel DuBois: Ben Bowen, how dare you change my voice from Kimberly to Catherine? You know Catherine is not my main voice! That's it! I will change your voice to see how you like it!

Ben Bowen: No no no no no no no no no no no no no!

Chantel DuBois: Too bad! This is your only punishment!


Ben Bowen (Catherine's voice): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Chantel DuBois: For my freaking sake, shut up Ben Bowen! This is what you get for changing my voice to Catherine! No more changing my voice! Never!

(at home with Kumi and Lily)

Lily: Chantel DuBois, thank you for changing Ben Bowen's voice to Catherine. You know Catherine is not your main voice.

Kumi: Even though we hate you in Madagascar 3 and your parents are at work, you are ungrounded.

Chantel DuBois: Thank you Lily and Kumi. I'm sure Ben Bowen will be shipped to Africa just like how the animals in Madagascar 3 did the same to me.

Kumi: I'm also sure that Ben Bowen will be sent to Toontown as well. Let's see what happens to Ben Bowen.

(at Ben Bowen's house)

Ben Bowen: Dad, I can't believe Chantel DuBois changed my voice to Catherine.

Ben Bowen's dad: Well, you deserve it for changing her voice to Catherine and due to this, you are grounded for six weeks and you will be sent to Toontown!

(at Toontown)

Ben Bowen's dad: Stop crying like a crybaby! This is what you get for changing Chantel DuBois's voice!

(in office)

Toontown Cop: So why is Ben Bowen here?

Ben Bowen's dad: Ben Bowen thought he could get away by changing Chantel DuBois's voice to Catherine but now his consequences are his voice is now Catherine! 

Toontown Cop: Oh my God! You are sent to jail and the only songs you are allowed to hear are Morning Musume!

(in jail)

Toontown Cop: This is your cell! You will stay there for six weeks!

Ben Bowen: Now I went too far and now Chantel DuBois is ungrounded for the first time. Worst day ever. 


This is the sequel to Ben Bowen Changes CD's voice and gets grounded.

This is also the first time Chantel DuBois gets ungrounded.

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