Cathy's mom-Kate

Cathy's dad-Diesel


TJ-David/Evil Genius/Zack


Also, Cathy changes into her swimsuit and gets ungrounded.


Cathy: Hi, I'm Cathy Abigail McCarthy and I will change into my swimsuit,

(censored and Cathy is in her bikini)

Cathy: Oh no! It's Lexine!

Lexine: Cathy, how dare you change into your swimsuit? Also, you sound like me! I'm telling!

Principal: Lexine, why did you send Cathy here?

Lexine: She changed into her swimsuit and it was disgusting! Also, her voice is supposed to be Ivy!

Principal: Lexine, you are expelled for getting Cathy in trouble! The reason why she's in her swimsuit is because we're having a pool party to celebrate her birthday! Also, the reason why her voice is Callie is because she's now 11 and is too old for her voice to be Ivy! Go home now!

Lexine: (Ka-Chung's sound clip) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Principal: I just expelled Lexine for you and now you can have the rest of the day off.

(at home as Cathy's dad, mom, Dylan and TJ are in their swimsuits)

Cathy's dad: Happy birthday Cathy. You are now ungrounded.

Cathy's mom: You can do what you want.

Dylan: We're going to have a pool party.

TJ: I agree.

Cathy: Thank you Mom, Dad, Dylan and TJ. You are the best ever.


Because Cathy is now 11, her voice will remain as Callie.