Dylan-Tween Girl

Dylan's dad-Diesel

Emily (mentioned)

Boris (mentioned)

Doris (mentioned)

Caillou (mentioned)


Cathy and Dylan talk to each other.


Cathy: Hi, Cathy Abigal McCarthy here with some bad news. Due to Doris committing murder, Emily, my brother's girlfriend is now Boris' wife. Now Dylan feels guilty that Boris made Emily his wife. 

Dylan's dad: What's wrong Cathy? Why are you upset?

Cathy: It's because my brother doesn't have a girlfriend anymore. Boris made Emily be his wife.

Dylan's dad: Who's Boris?

Cathy: Caillou's father.

Dylan's dad: Maybe we should talk to your brother about it.

(in Dylan's room)

Dylan: I can't believe Caillou's father stole my girlfriend to make her his wife. 

Dylan's dad: Open up.

Dylan: No.

Dylan's dad: Why not?

Dylan: Fine. Dad and Cathy, come in.

Dylan's dad: What's wrong Dylan? Why are you upset?

Dylan: Boris stole my girlfriend to make her his wife. 

Dylan's dad: Life doesn't revolve around you.

Cathy: Your father's right Dylan. You should know that Doris got executed and Boris had nothing else to do but make your girlfriend his wife.

Dylan: Why?

Dylan's dad: Because if I were single, you wouldn't have come into this world just like how Caillou's father, Boris needed a replacement wife.


This is the aftermath of Doris gets Executed.

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