Daniel Osborne-Dave



Cathy, Lucy, Stephanie and Chloe have nightmares.


Cathy: Man, I'm tired.

Lucy: Me too.

Stephanie: Me 3.

Chloe: And me 4.

(dream begins)

Daniel Osborne: Cathy, Lucy, Stephanie and Chloe, you are grounded grounded grounded.

Cathy: But Daniel Osborne, we didn't do anything.

Daniel Osborne: That's right! You are grounded for nothing and I will get some people over!

(15 minutes later)

Daniel Osborne: You have some visi...

Cathy, Lucy, Stephanie and Chloe (waking up): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Percy: Cathy, Lucy, Stephanie and Chloe, why are you crying?

Cathy: Well Percy the Park Keeper, we had a nightmare.

Lucy: Daniel Osborne grounded us for nothing.

Stephanie: And we got Warren-Style punishments.

Percy: Don't worry Cathy, Lucy, Stephanie and Chloe, you won't get grounded for nothing or get any Warren-Style punishments. I'm always here to help.

Chloe: Thank you. You are the best. I really love it when people don't make any grounded videos out of me.

Percy: Why?

Chloe: I'm a good girl.

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