Adrianna's mom-Susan

Adrianna's dad-Paul


Catherine (mentioned)

Bridget (mentioned)

Andrew (mentioned)

Plot Edit

Adrianna is a good girl.

Transcript Edit

Adrianna's mom: Paul, how dare you ground Adrianna. You know she's a good girl now.

Adrianna's dad: But Susan, she played with Catherine and Bridget while grounded.

Adrianna's mom: I don't care. You have no right to ground Adrianna. You are grounded until Andrew and Adrianna get married.

Adrianna's dad: Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!

Adrianna's mom: It's okay, Adrianna. You are ungrounded forever. I will turn you back in to a young adult. You can hang out with Andrew whenever you want.

Adrianna: Thanks mom.

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