Ungrounded stuff is the ungrounded term.

Benji gets ungrounded:Edit

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Benji acts positive/ungrounded

Benji behaves at Concert

Benji helps Gumball/Cujo gets grounded

Benji goes to Big Water while ungrounded

Benji and Kodi grounds Cujo and get ungrounded

Benji gets ungrounded for nothing

Benji grounds Timber Wolf and gets Ungrounded

Benji behaves at Sonic

Benji changes Cougar's voice to normal and gets ungrounded

Savage Sam gets ungroundedEdit

Savage Sam kills Alvin Hung/ungrounded

Savage Sam gets ungrounded for nothing

Savage Sam saves Cody/ungrounded

Savage Sam calls the babies adorable

Savage Sam grounds Carface/ungrounded

Savage Sam behaves at dinner

Savage Sam behaves at Supermacs


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