Eric's dad-Diesel


Candace's dad-Diesel

Candace's mom-Jennifer


On the way to the movies, Candace came across a girl but this girl turned out to be the gender-swapper version of Eric Smith. Eric was the only one getting grounded.


Candace: Hey Dad?

Candace's dad: What is it Candace?

Candace: Can I go to the movies?

Candace's dad: Yes.

Candace: Before I leave, I'm going to see someone who looks like me.

Candace's dad: Who?

Candace: It's a surprise.


Candace: Oh my God! You look just like me!

Eric: I'm Eric Smith. I just got my gender swapped because I got in so much trouble.

Candace: My name is Candace Nicholson. Can we go to the movies?

Eric: Yes we can.

(at movies)

Cathy: Oh my God! Why are there two Candaces?

Eric: I'm not Candace. I'm Eric. I just got my gender swapped because I keep getting grounded.

(Cathy faints)

(at Eric's house)

Eric's dad: Where were you?

Eric: I met this girl named Candace and we went to the movies.

Eric's dad: Eric, how dare you meet Candace and go to the movies with her without letting me know? That's it! You are grounded for 10 days! Go to your room now!

(at Candace's house)

Candace's dad: Candace, thank God you're back. Where were you?

Candace: I met Eric and we went to the movie theater.

Candace's dad: Oops, I forgot. You let us know first before you met Eric. You are not grounded.

Candace's mom: However, Eric is.

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