Characters Edit

Candace - Princess, Steven

Candace's Dad - Diesel

Ivy - herself

Custard - Jennifer

Doctor - Professor

Plot Edit

Candace is forced to get her voice changed

Transcript Edit

Candace's Dad: Candace! How dare you get expelled from school for cheating off your test, That's it! We're taking you to the hospital to get your voice changed

Candace: No no no no no! Please! Dad! I'm sorry!

Candace's Dad: Get in the car

(at hospital)

Ivy: Please Custard, I don't want my voice changed! All I want to do is to do good at McDonald's

Custard: Too bad, Ivy! This is why you misbehaved at McDonald's! Also, my voice is Susan because I'm mad at you!

Doctor: The doctor is here

Candace's Dad: Can you change Candace's voice, because she got expelled from school for cheating off her test?

Doctor: OK


Candace (now speaking in Steven's voice): Oh no! My voice is Steven! Now I sound like Shaun!

Doctor: How is it?

Candace's Dad: It sounds perfect, Let's go home now

Doctor: Come back soon

Trivia Edit

Candace's voice will stay as Princess in the Walter and Christopher get grounded series

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