Characters Edit

Call of Duty Fag - Eric

Call of Duty Fag's Dad - Alan

Call of Duty Fag's Mom - Julie

Plot Edit

Inspired by Stine Family on Supernanny Fanon

Transcript Edit

Call of Duty Fag's Dad: "Call of Duty Fag, I would like to see you eat that chicken."

Call of Duty Fag: "I hate chicken!"

Call of Duty Fag's Dad: "Why? They are good for you. It has protein which helps heals."

Call of Duty Fag: "I just hate chicken."

[Call of Duty Fag throws a piece of chicken at Call of Duty Fag's Dad]

Call of Duty Fag's Dad: "Alright, go to the Naughty Platform. You don't throw food at daddy."

Call of Duty Fag: "NO!"

[Call of Duty Fag's Mom walks by and carries Call of Duty Fag to the Naughty Platform]

Call of Duty Fag's Mom: "Call of Duty Fag, the reason why I placed you on the Naughty Platform is because you didn't listen to daddy and you threw a piece of chicken at him. Stay here for 4 minutes. Your Call of Duty Video Game is also in toy jail!"

[Call of Duty Fag's Mom leaves Call of Duty Fag on the Naughty Platform and confiscates his Call of Duty Video Game]

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