Customer, Manager-Joey

Caitlin's mom-Salli

Caitlin's dad-Brian



Larry Koopa-Salli

Morton Koopa-Simon




Princess Peach-Princess

Princess Daisy-Kimberly

Princess Rosalina-Kate


Caitlin freaks out at KFC because she didn't get what she wanted. Megan is the sister-in-law of Candace, Caitlin, Walter, and Christopher.


Caitlin's dad: I'm going to Candace's school for a parent-teacher conference.

Caitlin: Okay, Dad. Have fun!

Caitlin's dad: Be a good girl, Caitlin. Don't get into any trouble. 

Caitlin: I won't. See you later. 


Caitlin: Hey, Mom.

Caitlin's mom: What is it, Caitlin?

Caitlin: Can we go to KFC for lunch?

Caitlin's mom: No. We're having sandwiches for lunch. 

Caitlin: But, Mom, I'm hungry, so let's go to KFC.

Caitlin's mom: Caitlin, I said no. 

Caitlin: I still want KFC! Now! 

Caitlin's mom: Caitlin, for the last time, the answer is no.

Megan: (offscreen) Jennifer, I don't have anything to make the sandwiches! 

Caitlin's mom: Did you hear that, Caitlin? One of my siblings-in-law said that she doesn't have anything to make the sandwiches. That means we can go. 

Caitlin: Yay!

(At KFC)

Clerk: Hello, and welcome to KFC. What can I get you?

Caitlin's mom: I'll have the five-dollar fill up chicken tenders with macaroni and cheese, a Diet Pepsi, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Caitlin: I'll have a bucket of popcorn chicken, potato wedges, a Pepsi, and a chocolate chip cake.

Clerk: I'm sorry to say this, but we're all out of chocolate chip cakes.

Caitlin: What? Is this a joke?

Clerk: Don't feel bad, young lady. How about a red velvet cake instead?

Caitlin: Why?

Caitlin's mom: Because, Caitlin, they're out of chocolate chip cakes. Why don't you have a red velvet cake instead? 


Caitlin's mom: Caitlin, stop being a brat! You can either have a red velvet cake the clerk is offering you sincerely, or you will have nothing at all and we will go back home. Hey, where are you going?

(Caitlin runs over to a random customer)

Caitlin: Hey, you! Give me that gun! 

(Caitlin steals a gun from the customer)

Customer: Hey! That gun is mine, so give it back to me right now!

(Larry and Morton see the commotion that Caitlin is causing)

Larry: Hey, Moton, I think I just saw a girl steal a gun from a customer. 

Morton: Uh-oh. I don't like the sound of this. Let's get outta here before things get ugly. 

Caitlin: Prepare to feel my wrath, you morons! 

(Caitlin starts shooting the customers and the clerk. The action is blocked and censored)

Clerk: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!

Paul: Ouch! (Fred's voice) My leg!

Alison: (Stewie Griffin's voice) Aargh!

Eric: Somebody call a medic! 

Caitlin's mom: Caitlin Nicholson! How dare you shoot a few customers and the clerk? That's it! We're going home, and you're getting nothing at all!

Caitlin: Mom, can we at least go back and get a red velvet cake?

Caitlin's mom: No! Absolutely not. You destroyed KFC.

(At home)

Caitlin's dad: I'm home. Did Caitlin behave?

Caitlin's mom: No, she didn't. you will be so mad when I say this! She shot quite a few people at KFC all because she couldn't get what she wanted. Now we're banned from going to KFC until further notice.

Caitlin's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Caitlin, how dare you use a firearm to shoot people at KFC? You know you could get arrested for doing stuff like that! We shouldn't have bought you any violent video games. That's it! You're grounded for a month, young lady. Go to your room now while we call Igor the Mii to buy you well-received Nintendo games.

Caitlin: (running upstairs, Ka-Chung sound effect) Noooooooo! (normal voice) That's not fair! Why does this always happen to me?

(Meanwhile, Morton and Larry are whimpering and clinging to Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. They are still frightened after the incident at KFC. The princesses comfort them)

Princess Peach: Oh, Morton, I'm very sorry about what happened at KFC today.

Morton: No, Peach, it wasn't your fault. I never knew that playing violent video games would encourage people to do violent things in public. I've never seen someone so lethal with a gun.

Larry: It was horrible. We barely escaped with our lives! I'm so lucky that we made it out of there alive. I guess we should've went there earlier before that girl started shooting those customers.

Princess Daisy: Yeah, that would've been better. I'm so glad that we didn't get shot.

Princess Rosalina: Me too. I'm sorry that you got so scared seeing Caitlin shoot those customers. How about you play Fruit Nibblers on my iPad to make up for what happened today?

Larry: Ooh, we would love that!

(So, Rosalina gives Morton and Larry her iPad, and they take turns playing different Fruit Nibblers levels. A few minutes later, Princess Peach's cell phone rings. Peach takes it out of her pocket and answers it)

Princess Peach: Hello? Oh, hi. What's that? You want me to help the patients? Okay, then. I'll be on my way. Goodbye.

(Princess Peach turns off her phone)

Morton: Who was that?

Princess Peach: That was the hospital. They said that they need help treating the patients who got shot at KFC. We'll bring a few movies for them to watch, a few books for them to read, and some treats to cheer them up.

Larry: Sounds good. I'm sure that you'll be able to cheer up the patients very easily.

Princess Daisy: I bet we will.

Princess Rosalina: See you later, you two. Enjoy Fruit Nibblers.

Morton: We will!

(The princesses go to the hospital to help the victims)

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