Santa Claus-Eric

Elf 1-Joey

Elf 2-Kate

Elf 3-Steven

Elf 4-Dave

Elf 5-Brian

Elf 6-Professor

Elf 7-Susan

Elf 8-Ivy

Elf 9-Shy Girl

Elf 10-Tween Girl

Caitlin's dad-Diesel

Caitlin's mom-Jennifer

Walter-Young Guy/Charlie

Christopher-David/Evil Genius/Zack


This is another Christmas-related grounded video. Caitlin destroys Santa's workshop and gets in trouble.


Caitlin: I will destroy Santa's workshop. First, I need to plant a bomb.

(bomb explodes)

(Santa arrives and he is shocked)

Santa: Oh my God! What just happened to my beloved workshop? Now it will take me until next Christmas for me to get it fixed! I will gather my helpers to find out who destroyed my workshop!

(In the North Pole conference room)

Santa: Okay elves, this is terrible.

Elf 1: What is it Santa?

Santa: Someone destroyed my workshop.

Elf 2: Who could it be?

Santa: We'll find out shortly. 

Elf 3: How did it get that way?

Santa: I was delivering presents to people worldwide until this happened. 

Elf 4: What happened?

Elf 5: What did you hear?

Santa: I heard an explosion coming from my workshop.

Elf 6: I didn't do it.

Elf 7: Neither did I.

Santa: You are good helpers. You wouldn't destroy my workshop.

Elf 8: I knew who did it.

Santa: Who?

Elf 9: It's no good Caitlin Nicoleson who destroyed your workshop!

Elf 10: She is so grounded!

Santa: Thank you elves. Now to call her parents!

Hello Diesel and Jennifer Nicoleson, your daughter Caitlin destroyed my workshop and I put her on the naughty list as well! Ground her right now!

(at home)

Caitlin's dad: Caitlin, how dare you destroy Santa's workshop? Now Santa just put you on his naughty list thanks to you! 

Caitlin's mom: You are grounded until next Christmas! Go to your room now!

(Christmas morning as Walter, Christopher and Candace are opening their presents)

Caitlin's dad: Caitlin, Santa left something for you.

Caitlin: I hope it's My Little Pony.

Walter: Hooray! I got my favorite NBA Jersey!

Christopher: I got a collection of Family Guy!

Candace: Yeah! I got My Little Pony Fluttershy!

Caitlin: Wait! Why did I get coal?

Caitlin's dad: Because you destroyed Santa's workshop!

Caitlin's mom: Go to your room and take that bucket of coal with you!

Caitlin (running back upstairs): (Foo's no soundclip)