Caitlin-Ivy, Steven

Caitlin's dad-Diesel

Caitlin's mom-Jennifer


Darla's mom-Allison



Caitlin gets her voice changed for cheating on a test.


Caitlin's dad: Caitlin, how dare you cheat off of Banjo's test and get suspended for 279 days! That's it!

Caitlin's mom: You are grounded for 279 days and as for your punishment, we'll take you to the hospital and you will have your voice changed!

Caitlin: No, dad and mom, I'm sorry.

Caitlin's dad: Too bad.

(at hospital)

Darla: Please Mom! I don't want my voice changed! I was only joking about the animals! Besides, Fishy is my pet!

Darla's mom: Too bad Darla Sherman! This is what you get for trying to knock Peach the Starfish off the tank while singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!" Besides, the clownfish's name is not Fishy! He's Nemo! He's not your pet! He belongs with his father in the sea! When we go home, you will be grounded for life and killed by Wave the Swallow!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Caitlin's dad: Can you change my daughter's voice because she cheated on a test?

Doctor: Okay.


Caitlin: (speaking in Steven's voice) Oh no! My voice is Steven! Now I sound like Murray!

Doctor: How's this?

Caitlin's mom: Perfect! Let's go home now!


Caitlin's voice will stay as Steven in the Walter and Christopher gets grounded series.