Caillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack





For killing Rosie, Caillou has to attend her funeral, which he doesn't like.


Caillou: I'm bored.

(Doris and Boris walk in crying)

Caillou: Why are you crying, Mom and Dad?

Boris: You killed Rosie yesterday so we're going to her funeral!

Caillou: No way, Rosie was the worst sister of mine so I'm not going!

Doris: Go there or you're grounded!

(at church)

Priest: We are gathered together to mourn the daughter of Doris and Boris.

Boris: Rosie was a nice daughter of us. We used to change her diapers and give her a bath.

Caillou: No she was not! I will give you all the real speech! Deal with it, Dad and Mom!

Rosie was the worst sister ever! She grounds me every time even though I don't mean to misbehave at her tea party! She is a (BLEEP)!

(someone off-screen gasps)

I have no sympathy for her at all!

Boris: Caillou, how dare you talk that way about our daughter! We're going home now!

(at home)

Doris: You're lucky Pomp and Circumstance is not playing but in the meantime, that was even worse than the one you said at Mr. Hinkle's funeral! You are grounded for 17 days!

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