This is the sequel to Brian Gets Held Back.


Principal: Welcome to college, your room is 626.

Brian: Yes. It's the best.

Dave: He kept bothering me in 12th Grade!

Principal: I'm sorry I have to say this but...

Brian: Stop tattling, you werewolf!

Dave: I am not a werewolf and don't you dare call me that! Only call me Dave because that's resepctful.

Brian: Okay, stupid!

Dave: Again, call me Dave!

Brian: I'm sorry. Bad guy!

Dave: If you insult me one more time, I will get the principal to hold you back!

Brian: Whatever, you evil doer! Whatever Dad! Whatever Uncle! Whatever Master! And whatever, Grandpa!

Dave: That's it! He kept bothering me in 12th Grade!

Principal: And you deserve it! You have no right to stop people from going to college! You're the one going back to 12th Grade!

Dave: But...

Principal: NOW!

Dave: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Principal: I just held Dave back and now you can go to college.

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