Bottles' dad-Brian

Bottles' mom-Princess

Bottles-Young Guy/Charlie


Fluttergirl-Tween Girl


Bottles' mom can't handle being with her son anymore.


Bottles' mom: I can't take my son anymore! That's it CalebCommedian, we're divorcing and I will never see you again!

Bottles' dad: But Princess Matilda...

Bottles' mom: No buts! I'm leaving!

Bottles: What happened?

Bottles' dad: My wife divorced me and I will never see her again.

(back with Princess Matilda at her house)

Alison: Princess Matilda, why are you here?

Princess Matilda: It's because I can't take my son anymore.

Fluttergirl: It's okay Princess Matilda. As long as you're here, you can have fun. You will never be with that troublemaker again.

Princess Matilda: Thank you Alison and Fluttergirl.

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