Santa Claus-Dave



Bonnie gets baby shows for Christmas for destroying Santa's workshop.


Bonnie: I'm going to destroy Santa's workshop.


Santa Claus: Bonnie, what did you do to my workshop?

Bonnie: I destroyed your workshop.

Santa Claus: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Bonnie! You taunted at me! I'm going to call your sister Ashley!

(Santa picks up phone)

Santa Claus: Ashley, this is me Santa Claus! You will never believe what your sister just did! She destroyed my workshop! 

Ashley (on phone): She did what? She will be grounded! Thanks for telling me that Santa!

(at Bonnie's house)

Ashley: Bonnie, Santa Claus just called me and told me you destroyed his workshop! Is this true?

Bonnie: Yes, it is true!

Ashley: That's it! You are grounded until next Christmas! Go to your room! In the meantime, I'm going to call Santa back and tell him to get you presents you hate!

(back at the North Pole)

Santa Claus: What is it Ashley?

Ashley: Since my sister destroyed your workshop, give her presents she hates such as baby shows like Barney, Dinosaur Train, Caillou, Powerpuff Girls, Spongebob, Rugrats, All Grown Up, and lots more!

Santa Claus: I would but since Bonnie destroyed my workshop, she will not be getting any presents but since the gifts you asked me to get Bonnie is her punishment, I might as well do that.

(next morning)

Bonnie: I'm excited to have my presents! What is this baby shows?

Ashley: That's right Bonnie! You have to watch these baby shows as your punishment for destroying Santa's workshop!

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