This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only.


Bob the Builder, Jet the Hawk-Young Guy

Farmer Pickles-Alan


Spud the Scarecrow-Brian


Bob the Builder gets grounded for throwing his vegetables at the wall because Bob the Builder wants Cap'n Crunch cereal, but Farmer Pickles told him to eat his vegetables.


Bob The Builder: No! I hate eating this tasteless trash!

Farmer Pickles: Yes, you are going to eat your dinner, it's good for you, and it's very healthy!

Bob the Builder: No way! i don't want to eat my stupid green vegetables, i want Cap'n Crunch cereal!

Farmer Pickles: No, we are not having Cap'n Crunch cereal for supper! We are having vegetables at home, so eat your vegetables!

Bob the Builder: No, I want Some Cap'n Crunch, not this tasteless trash!

Farmer Pickles: Bob The Builder, what did i just said? We are not having Cap'n Crunch Cereal because Cap'n Crunch is not good for you! the vegetables on your plate is, so eat it, or you can have nothing at all!

Bob the Builder: That's it! I'm throwing the vegetables away!

(Bob the Builder throws everything away)

Farmer Pickles: Bob, how dare you throw everything away! That's it, you are in the biggest trouble ever!

(Wendy walks into Farmer Pickles, who is not happy at Bob the Builder for throwing the vegetables away at the wall at dinnertime)

Farmer Pickles: Bob. You will have no TV, no Video Games, no Computer, no Radio, no Theme Parks, and further more for your first punishment!

Farmer Pickles: You will receive spankings for your second punishment, & you deserved it for not eating your vegetables at suppertime!

(Farmer Pickles & Wendy spanks Bob 120 times)

Bob the Builder: Ow! That hurts!

Farmer Pickles: We don't care, you should've eaten your vegetables instead of doing something bad! and you will get killed by Jet as your last punishment!

Bob The builder: No! I hate getting killed by Jet, please give me another chance

Wendy: Too bad, so sad! and also, your trip to see The Emoji Movie will be cancelled because you did not eat your vegetables!

Spud the Scarecrow: Now Jet is going to kill you and you are getting nothing at all until you can learn how to behave, & learn to eat what was put in front of you! Jet the Hawk, kill Bob!

(Jet appears)

Jet: This is what you will get for throwing vegetables away. Now I'm going to smash your body! Prepare to die!

(censored, screen turns static)

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