Vexy Smurf-Ivy



Bob's dad-Simon

Bob's mom-Catherine

Supervisor Cathy-Kimberly

Supervisor Lucy-Susan

Supervisor Stephanie-Kendra


After Bob forgot his homework, his teacher Vexy Smurf took out her yardstick and broke his desk in two but Vexy Smurf was the one who got in trouble because having broken Bob's desk was considered destroying school property.


Vexy Smurf: Take out your homework assignments.

(everyone does so except for Bob)

Vexy Smurf: Bob, where is your homework?

Bob: I don't have it!

Vexy Smurf: I've had it with your excuses!

(she takes out her yardstick and breaks his desk)

Bob: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Vexy Smurf: I had to do this because that will teach you a lesson!

Fluttergirl: You know that's destroying school property!

(Principal walks in)

Principal: What is going on here?

Fluttergirl: Bob forgot his homework but Vexy here did something illegal, which was she sliced his desk in two!

Principal: Vexy Smurf, how dare you slice Bob's desk in two! You know it's against school rules to do stuff like that! Besides, that desk cost $700! Report to your supervisors, Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Gavin now!

(at supervisor office)

Supervisor Cathy: So Vexy Smurf, why are you here?

Vexy Smurf: Bob forgot his homework so I sliced his desk.

Supervisor Lucy: Vexy Smurf, we do not slice other people's desks in two! That is not allowed to do in our school!

Supervisor Stephanie: Yes, Mrs. McCall is right! That is destroying school property and destroying other people's desks is the wrong choice! That's it! You are fired!

(at Bob's house)

Bob's dad: Why is Cathy, Lucy and Stephanie here and why is your teacher crying?

Bob: You will be extremely mad when I say this! My teacher sliced my desk so Cathy, Lucy and Stephaine came here! 

Bob's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Vexy Smurf, how dare you slice our son's desk even though you give strict rules! You know that destroying any school property will get you arrested! Besides, our son's desk cost the school $700! Now we will have to buy the school a new one thanks to you!