Taylor Jolicoeur-Salli

Sir Topham-Wiseguy

BoCo (mentioned)

Edward (mentioned)


Ben and Bill get grounded after putting Taylor Jolicoeur in her swimsuit.


Bill: Hey, let's put Taylor Jolicoeur in her bikini.

Ben: Okay, Bill.

Taylor Jolicoeur: Ben and Bill, what do you want?

Bill: Stand back.

Ben: We're putting you in your bikini.


Bill: We did it!

Ben: We put Taylor Jolicoeur in her bikini!

Taylor Jolicoeur: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Ben and Bill, how dare you put me in my bikini! That's it! I'm taking you both to Sir Topham!

(after Ben and Bill were taken to their engine sheds)

Sir Topham: Ben and Bill, how dare you two put Taylor Jolicoeur in her bikini! You know putting people in their bikinis is the wrong choice!

Bill: But Sir Topham, it was a joke.

Ben: I agree with Bill.

Sir Topham (Angry Grandpa sound clip): I DON'T GIVE A SH*T! (normal voice) You both are grounded grounded grounded until Edward and BoCo become friends again! Now go to the roundhouse now!

Bill and Ben: (Richard and George crying sound)


This is the first time a Thomas and Friends character gets grounded.

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