Cast Edit


Banjo's Dad-Dave

Banjo's Mom-Julie




Ivy's Dad-Paul

Ivy's Mom-Kimberly

Jet-Young Guy


Princess Alexis-Princess





Transcript Edit

Banjo: Ivy Smith, you are grounded grounded grounded grounded for, 12345678909876543210128473855621562165 years. Also, I hate Barney & Friends and Baby Shows entirely. Go to your room now.

(Ivy enters her room angry)

Banjo: Yes! I finally grounded Ivy Smith (x3)!

Ivy: That's him, Banjo just grounded me and saying he hates Baby Shows and Barney.

Ivy's Dad: And you deserve it. You deserve to be grounded by Banjo for watching Teletubbies while grounded.

Ivy: Please Mommy, please Daddy, respect my sadness!

Ivy's Mom: No, we are not respecting your sadness. Now Jet will beat you up with a dagger.

(Jet appears)

Jet: Prepare to be beaten up by my dagger.

(Fight is censored)

Jet: This is what you'll get for watching Teletubbies while grounded.

Ivy's Dad: Banjo, thanks for grounding Ivy, she deserves it.

Ivy's Mom: You can go home now while we are calling your parents.

Banjo: Thanks Diesel and Kate Smith.

(At home)

Banjo's Dad: Banjo, thank you for grounding Ivy Smith, actually, we all hate her, she deserve it.

Banjo's Mom: You are ungrounded.

Tooty: You can do whatever you want.

Kazooie: And we will go to Chuck E Cheese's later on along with the Babylon Rogues.

Memy9909: I am proud to love Banjo, who gets ungrounded.

Princess Alexis: Ivy deserves to be grounded like she usually does.

Simon: I agree with Princess Alexis.

Amy: Me too.

Andrew: Well done for being so good.

Adrianna: We can all do whatever we fancy as well.

Banjo: Thanks Mom, Dad, Tooty, Kazooie, Memy9909, Princess Alexis, Simon, Amy, Andrew, and Adrianna. You're all the best.

All: You're welcome.

(The End)