Princess Matilda (mentioned)

Fluttergirl (mentioned)

Baked Beans-Paul



Baked Beans' dad-Diesel


Baked Beans gets arrested for taking the service elevator. The reason why I made this video out of him was I just saw a dead meat video out of Princess Matilda and Fluttergirl created by him.


Mickeymcguinness7: Baked Beans, how dare you make a dead meat video out of Princess Matilda and Fluttergirl! You know that they're my friends! That's it! I'm making a grounded video out of you and this will teach you a lesson!

Baked Beans: Let's take the elevator.

(in elevator)

Baked Beans: Let's go to the 17th floor.

Voice: Alarm alert! Alarm alert! Alarm alert!

Baked Beans: That was the service elevator! I'm caught!

Cop: Come with me!

(in jail)

Baked Beans' dad: You are grounded for taking the service elevator!

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