Baillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack



Warren Cook-Shy Girl

Warren's dad-Alan

Warren's mom-Catherine

Jet the Hawk-Young Guy


Baillou goes to GameStop and does a good job there.


Baillou: Hey Dad and Mom.

Boris: What is it, Baillou?

Baillou: Can I go to GameStop?

Doris: Yes but you have to go by yourself.

Baillou: Thanks.

(at GameStop)

Warren Cook: Dad and Mom, I said I wanted The Incredibles for the Wii U!

Warren's dad: Warren, you are temporarily forbidden to buy anything made by Disney! You can either have Super Smash Bros for the Wii U or nothing!

Warren Cook: Do you want to screw me?

Warren's mom: Warren, stop giving us an attitude! Now Baillou is staring at us!

Warren Cook (Kidaroo's voice): So you have to screw me! Go ahead! Screw me! Screw me! Screw me!

Warren's dad: That's enough Warren! We're going home and you are so grounded!

(in car)

Warren's mom: Stop crying like a baby! It's your own fault!

Warren Cook: But Dad and Mom, all I wanted was The Incredibles for the Wii U but I didn't get it.

Warren's dad: That's right! Want to know why?

Warren Cook: Why?

Warren's mom: Because that game is made by Disney and you are extremely banned from anything made by Disney! I asked you if you wanted Super Smash Bros for the Wii U but you went up to the clerk and said, "Screw me!"

Warren Cook: Oh, what I did was unexpected and naughty so can we at least go back to GameStop and get Super Smash Bros for the Wii U?

Warren's dad: No! You are grounded for life! By the way, your voice was Shy Girl because you kept on making fake VHS openings and grounded videos out of good users!

(at GameStop)

Baillou: Mom and Dad, why are you here?

Boris: We came to check on you.

Doris: We also heard that Warren Cook threw a tantrum about not getting The Incredibles for the Wii U because it was made by Disney. Alan and Catherine offered Warren Super Smash Bros for the Wii U but he refused to accept it. I'm sure he'll be so grounded for that and killed by Jet the Hawk. He might not watch or play anything made by Disney as well.

Baillou: I'll get Super Smash Bros for the Wii U.

Boris: Thank you for behaving at GameStop. You are now ungrounded.

(at Warren's house)

Warren's dad: For your punishment, someone is going to kill you. Do you know who he is? I'll give you a hint. He is an anthropomorphic hawk and the leader of the current generation of Babylon Rogues.

Warren: I don't want to be killed by Jet.

Warren's mom: Correct. Jet is going to kill you with a dagger. Jet the Hawk, kill Warren.

(Jet appears)

Jet: Prepare to die!

(Robbie Rotten then appears and hides Jet killing Warren with a dagger for good)

Robbie Rotten: Don't let your kids watch it!

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