Anthony's dad-Diesel

Clerk Rosie-Salli



Derek's dad-Alan

Derek's mom-Catherine


Anthony accepts the fact he can't get what he wants as Derek Crystal is throwing a big fit in the background.


Anthony: Hey dad.

Anthony's dad: What is it Anthony?

Anthony: Can I go to Arby's?

Anthony's dad: Yes but you have to go by yourself. It's in Best Buy. I will check on you later. 

(at Arby's)

Clerk Rosie: Hello, I am Rosie McDonnell Thompson. I will be the clerk.

Anthony: Is this store rebuilt?

Clerk Rosie: Yes, Best Buy with Arby's is rebuilt. I was the one who caused the damage all because the iPad air I wanted was sold out. Anyway, what would you like?

Anthony: I'll have 20 mozerella sticks, curly fries, a coke and a Jam Mocha shake.

Clerk Rosie: I'm sorry Anthony but the Jam Mocha shakes are sold out.

Anthony: I feel bad for that.

Clerk Rosie: Don't feel bad. You can still have a vanilla milkshake.

Anthony: I would Rosie but look at what's happening to the Crystal family.

Clerk Rosie: What is it?

Derek: I want McDonald's!

Derek's dad: Derek, we are not having McDonald's! We are having Arby's so eat it!

Derek's mom: I agree with your father! Eat your food or you are grounded!

Derek: No way! I will throw everything in the garbage!

(Derek throws the food in the garbage)

Derek's dad: Young man! How dare you throw the dinner at the wall!

Derek: Shut up!

Derek's dad: How dare you tell me to shut up! That's it! We are going to be kicked out of Arby's and you will be grounded!

Derek's mom: We are going home because you threw our dinner away!

(at Derek's house)

Kumi: Derek, why did you misbehave at Arby's! You need to learn some respect!

Derek: I don't care Kumi, mom, and dad! I don't have to listen to a word you say! I wish you were all dead!

Derek's dad: How dare you threaten us! That's it! We are going to put you in diapers!

Derek: No! Not diapers!

Derek's dad: Too bad! This is your punishment for throwing our dinner away!

Derek (after his dad put him in diapers): Ouch! That hurts!

Derek's dad: Too bad! You will wear diapers till your dying day! Now go to your room!

(back at Arby's)

Anthony: Dad, what are you doing here?

Anthony's dad: I came to check on you. I also heard that Derek Crystal hated Arby's. Then, he got so mad and knocked down the table. I'm sure he will be grounded for life. 

Anthony: I'll have what I said before but instead, I'll have a vanilla shake.

Anthony's dad: Thank you. You are ungrounded.

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