E/Z/A's dad-Diesel





Because Erika and Zara killed Bosco, Annabelle revived him.


Annabelle: I'm in a bad mood today! Last week, my sisters killed Bosco and it was my favorite show! When I was little, my sister Erika and her boyfriend Eric killed Jay Jay! I got it! I will revive Bosco!

(at graveyard)

Annabelle: I will use this level up mushroom.

(revives Bosco)

Bosco: You revived me. Thank you.

Annabelle: Oh no. It's my sisters.

Erika: We thought Bosco was dead.

Zara: Yes, we thought Bosco was dead.

Annabelle: Actually, I revived him because you two killed him! I will tell your dad about this! (on phone) Hey dad!

E/Z/A's dad: What's wrong Annabelle? Why are you mad?

Annabelle: I revived Bosco because that was my favorite show! Ground Zara and Erika for this!

(at home)

E/Z/A's dad: Erika and Zara, your sister revived Bosco because it was her favorite TV show! You are grounded for 12 weeks! I ususally tell you to go upstairs but instead, watch Bosco for 12 weeks! (to Annabelle) As for you, Annabelle, you are ungrounded for reviving Bosco.

Annabelle: I wonder if Bosco is on TV.

Professor: Good news. Bosco has been revived so Bosco is coming up on TV.


This is the Sequel to Erika and Zara kill Bosco.

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