Andrew-Eric, Diesel

Andrew's dad-Diesel

Andrew's mom-Kimberly





Principal-Dallas, Scary Voice


This picks up where Andrette got in big trouble for getting her older brother in trouble in Andrew gets Shaun the Sheep while ungrounded. For Movie Day in school, Andrette does not cooperate.


Andrew: Hooray, today is Movie Day and I finally get to show my class Shaun the Sheep. 

Andrew's dad: Do good in Movie Day.

Andrew's mom: Bye.

Andrette: I don't believe this!

(at school)

Teacher: Today is Movie Day and we will be watching the top rated movie. Adrianna, what movie did you get?

Adrianna: I got Peter Pan.

Teacher: How about you Candace?

Candace: I got Rugrats in Paris.

Teacher: How about you Andrew?

Andrew: I got Shaun the Sheep.

Teacher: Let's watch that movie.

Andrette: No! Let's watch Downfall!

Andrew (Diesel's voice): Don't tell the teacher what to do!

Teacher: That's right! Why is your voice Diesel?

Andrew (Diesel's voice) Because I'm mad at Andrette!

Andrette: I said I want to watch Downfall!

Teacher: Go to the principal's office!

(in office)

Principal: So Andrette, why are you here?

Andrette: I refused to watch Shaun the Sheep.

Principal (Scary Voice): GO HOME NOW!

Andrette's dad: Andrette Clark, how dare you misbehave at school? You are grounded for 10 days!

Andrette's mom: Go to your room now!

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