Princess Matilda-Princess

Fluttergirl-Tween Girl



Eric's dad-Diesel

Eric's mom-Kate



Alison does a good job at Dairy Queen even though Eric complains he wants McDonald's.


Alison: Hey Rosie, Bridget, Ann, Princess Matilda, and Fluttergirl?

Rosie: Yes Alison?

Bridget: Yes Alison?

Ann: Yes Alison?

Princess Matilda: Yes Alison?

Fluttergirl: Yes Alison?

Alison: Can I go to Dairy Queen?

Princess Matilda: Sure you can.

(at Dairy Queen)

Clerk: What can I get you Alison?

Alison: I'll have a Sierra Mist and a confetti cake blizzard.

Clerk: I'm sorry Alison but we only serve confetti cake blizzard in Summer. How about a vanilla blizzard instead?

Alison: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Clerk: Alison, why are you couting to 10?

Alison: I usually do that to calm myself down. Before I make another decision, look at Eric and his family. Eric really does not like Dairy Queen.

Clerk: What do you mean?

(cuts to Eric's table)

Eric: I want McDonald's!

Eric's dad: We are not having McDonald's! We are having Dairy Queen so eat!

Eric: No way! I want McDonald's!

Eric's mom: Eat your food now or you're grounded!

Eric: No! I'm throwing everything away!

(Eric knocks the table down)

Eric's dad; Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! How dare you knock down the table! That's it! We're giving you three punishments when we get home!

(at Eric's house)

Eric's dad: Your first punishment is barfing!

(everybody barfs on Eric)

Brian: Your second punishment is wearing diapers!

Eric: You better not put a nappy on me!

Brian (after putting a diaper on Eric): There! Your nappy is on! Now you will make a sissy and poop in your nappy rather than use the toilet! Now your third and final punishment is turning you into a baby!

(Brian turns Eric into a baby)

Eric (Shy Girl's voice); I'm sorry for misbehaving at Dairy Queen.

Brian: Now you will stay as a baby for 12 weeks! Now go to your room!

Eric (Shy Girl's voice): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(back to Dairy Queen)

Alison: Rosie, Bridget, Ann, Princess Matilda and Fluttergirl, what are you doing here?

Rosie: We just heard from the clerk that Eric hated Dairy Queen.

Bridget: He wanted McDonald's but his parents chose that as well as his friend Brian.

Ann: Then, he knocked down the table and his dad and friend Brian gave him punishments.

Princess Matilda: He will be grounded for 12 weeks.

Fluttergirl: He will be forced to wear diapers.

Clerk: What can I get you?

Alison: Like I said but with a vanilla blizzard.

Princess Matilda: Thank you for ordering something else. I'm sure we'll go back this Summer and you can have a confetti cake blizzard.

Fluttergirl: I might have that as well.

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