Alan Nickerson-Alan




Sallie's dad, Alan, is at his work. His boss assigns him paperwork. He tries to play Super Mario Land only to find the site is blocked by his boss. Luckily, he finds a way to bypass the security system. He plays the game but his boss catches him playing games on the computer when he was supposed to do work. His daughter then grounds him.


Alan Nickerson: Sallie is the worst daughter of mine! First, she misbehaved at A&W and then she pranked a lockdown drill! Now that I am at work, I can play some games to keep my mind off of her.

Boss: Mr. Nickerson!

Alan Nickerson: What is it?

Boss: You have to do paperwork right now! It has to be done right now!

Alan Nickerson: Forget the paperwork!

Alan Nickerson (after throwing the paperwork away): Now that my paperwork is thrown away, I will play Super Mario Land! What the?

Computer: Website blocked by boss!

Alan Nickerson: Blocked again! I will find a way to get around this!

Alan Nickerson (after unblocking the site): Now that I got around the security system, I will play my game!

(Boss hears Super Mario theme)

Boss: Do I hear Mr. Nickerson playing games instead of doing his work? If I come back and see him playing games, he will get fired!

(Boss appears)

Boss: Mr. Nickerson, I can't believe you threw your paperwork away, bypassed our security system and played video games! You're fired! I will notify your daughter Salli about this! (on Phone) Is this Sallie?

Sallie: Yes it's me.

Boss: You'll never guess what your father just did! He threw his paperwork away, bypassed the security system and played video games!

Sallie: He did what? He is so going to be grounded!

(at home)

Sallie: Dad, I just got a call from your boss! He said that you threw your paperwork, bypassed the work's security system, and played video games! Is this true?

Alan Nickerson: Yes it is true.

Sallie: Dad, how dare you get fired for throwing your paperwork away, bypassing the work's security system and playing video games! You are grounded until you get a new job and I will let your wife know about this!