The Unknown Band Member's Girlfriend-Jessica Anderson


African Vulture-Julie.

Justin Bieber-Scott Mcneil


Justin's punishment was that he gets beaten up and he gets forced to watch Old Mcdonald's Sing Along Farm.


Caleb: Gee, i am bored.

African Vulture: Yeah Caleb.

[The unknown band member's girlfriend arrives.]

Caleb: What's wrong?

The unknown band member's girlfriend: Dick York was dead.

Caleb: Do not worry. We would like you to come and we'd expect to be on your best behavior.

The unknown band member's girlfriend: Okay.

Justin: i am mad.

African Vulture: Was it because that you did terrible at the video store.

Justin: No! I do not wanna go.

Caleb: Justin, you have to go!

African Vulture: Go there or you're grounded!

(in the Batmobile)

Justin: Stop the Batmobile.

Caleb: We are not stopping the the Batmobile! We're going to Dick York's funeral whether you like it or not!

Justin: I want Hardee's!

African Vulture: We are not having Hardee's but you can have some snacks after the ceremony!

Justin: But i am hungry!

African Vulture: Fine! We will get some snacks!

(after countless interruptions, they finally made it)

(Shepherd Me Oh God playing in church)

Caleb: Oh great! We are already late for the funeral! All we wanted to do was go to Dick York's funeral but no! You installed us! The final hymn was being sung!

(church bells ring)

Caleb: Oh no! The funeral has ended! Justin, how dare you! You made us late for Dick York's funeral! The final hymn was finished! Let's go home now!

(at home)

African Vulture: Since you made us late for the funeral, you are grounded for two weeks. And as for your punishment, you would be beaten up.

(Fourteen seconds later..)

Caleb: Go to your room right now. You would watch Old Mcdonald's Sing Along Farm.

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