Adrianna's dad-Paul

Adrianna's mom-Susan


No conference in this ungrounded video.


Adrianna: So Mrs. Shaw, why did you tell me to stay after class?

Teacher: Because you have been a great girl, very above and beyond, working extemely hard on assignments and more. You don't deserve any detention. You will get a certificate. Here it is $500. You have no homework for the next 2 weeks. Be careful.

Caillou: When I got in trouble, I felt unhappy.

Adrianna: Shut up you troublemaker! I wish that your show was cancelled!

Caillou: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Dora: How dare you talk smack to my boyfriend and wish his show cancelled! 

Teacher: I heard that and Caillou, you're expelled for trying to antagonize Adrianna! You too Dora!

(Caillou and Dora run away crying)

Teacher: I just expelled Caillou and Dora and you can have six years off. 

(at home)

Adrianna's dad: Adrianna, thank you for talking smack to Caillou. We hated him as well as Dora.

Adrianna's mom: You are ungrounded. You can do whatever you want.

Trivia Edit

This is similar to when a kid has been a good student and doesn't deserve any detention and a kid is talking and a student talks smack to a kid and gets grounded and they have parent/teacher/student conferences only the kid is ungrounded and gets the rest of the year off school.

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