Adrianna's mom-Susan

Adrianna's dad-Paul

Plot Edit

Gianna gets in big trouble for getting Adrianna in trouble

Transcript Edit

Cashier: What movie would you like to buy?

Adrianna: I would like The Lion King.

Cashier: Okay. Here's 20 dollars.

Adrianna: Thanks.

Gianna (offscreen): Adrianna, did I just here you got The Lion King?!

Adrianna: Oh no! It's Gianna.

Gianna: That's it. I'm telling Mom and Dad.

Adrianna's mom: What do you want, Gianna?

Gianna: Adrianna got The Lion King.

Adrianna's dad: Gianna Johnson! You are grounded for getting Adrianna in trouble. The reason why she got that movie is because tomorrow is movie day.

Adrianna's mom: Go upstairs to your room now.

Adrianna: And don't come out until you're ungrounded.

Adrianna's mom: Adrianna, we just grounded Gianna for you. You are ungrounded forever.

Adrianna: Thanks mom.

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