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Mammy Two Shoes: Shreeky how dare you watch Sausage Party when your supposed to watch Zootopia so you did not no anything about Danger Mouse for you young lady! When you get home, I will switch Danny Phantom on Nickelodeon to Barney and Friends on PBS Kids!

Shreeky: (in Spike's voice) Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Monica: Can we have 2 tickets for Cars 3?

Ratso Catso: No way, I'm not eating Johnny Rockets! Johnny Rockets is stupid! I want Little Caesar's!

Mike: We are not having Little Caesar's! We are having Johnny Rockets now eat!

Julie: Ratso Catso has to eat Johnny Rockets with Monica and Maggy.

(Mike, Julie, Monica and Maggy are angry at Ratso Catso)