Aaillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack


Doris, Brian's mom-Julie



Jet the Hawk-Young Guy


These next clips focus on Caillou and his 25 friends. It goes in this particular order. Aailou, Baillou, Caillou, Daillou, Eaillou, Faillou, Gaillou, Haillou, Iaillou, Jaillou, Kaillou, Laillou, Maillou, Naillou, Oaillou, Paillou, Quaillou, Raillou, Saillou, Taillou, Uaillou, Vaillou, Waillou, Xaillou, Yaillou and Zaillou. Anyway, Aaillou goes to WalMart and does a good job there.


Aaillou: Hey Mom.

Doris: What is it Aaillou?

Aaillou: Can I go to WalMart?

Boris: Yes but you have to go by yourself.

Aaillou: Thank you.

(at WalMart)

Brian: Mom! I said I wanted a door closer!

Brian's mom: Brian, stop acting like a spoiled brat! You can either have the exit sign or nothing at all!

Brian: (with German accent) You will kindly engage me! Engage me! Engage me! Engage me! Engage me right here at WalMart!

Brian's mom: Brian, that's enough! We're going straight home!

(on subway train)

Brian: I'm sorry.

Brian's mom: Apology denied!

Brian: Tell me what I did was wrong?

Brian's mom: What you did that was wrong was you went up to the clerk and said, "Help me! Call 911! Call the priest! This mom is trying to engage me!"?

Brian: Oh I get it. What I did was unexpected and naughty so can we at least go back to Walmart and get the exit sign?

Brian's mom: No! You are grounded for life! And for that, Jet is going to kill you! Jet the Hawk, kill Brian!

(Jet appears)

Jet: This is what you will get for engaging WalMart. Now I'm going to break your skull! Prepare to die!

(at WalMart)

Aaillou: Mom and Dad why are you here?

Doris: We just came to check on you to see how things are going.

Boris: We also heard that Brian was a spoiled brat and I'm sure he's grounded for life and killed by Jet the Hawk.

Aaillou: I'll have a Samsung galaxy.

Doris: Thanks for behaving. You are now ungrounded.

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